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I'd love you to share your #passionproject in my upcoming anthology*. I'm looking for inspirational stories from around the world of people who've brought their dreams to life. It may have been something that just lasted for a moment, or it may be something that you continue to work on to this date.

I'm aiming to capture that overwhelming sense of achievement and excitement that really reminds us what it is to be alive. You may have faced adversity on the way but you kept going anyway. Or perhaps your #passionproject was a slow burn that you worked on in the background for years.

Whatever it is, your story will help inspire others to follow the paths of their choosing. And as for me - aside from bringing my own #passionproject to life, I've always loved being inspired by other people's experiences and I know I'm not on my own.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

All the best,

Lucy Bowler x

Website: lucybowler.com.au
Instagram, Facebook + Twitter: @thelucybowler

* Please note submitting your stories will not be a guarantee of publication. Final entries will be at my discretion.

Yay! You're almost there. Please note that your details will never be shared with anyone else. Final pieces chosen for submission will be confirmed with their authors prior to print, just in case you change your mind!
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If not, are you hoping it will at some stage?
If your #passionproject is still something you're doing on the side, is it something you're hoping will become full-time?
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